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After Shock 2017 Rise of the Machines

Dirt Quake kicked off in the UK in 2012 and was the inspiration for our event later the same year. Since then Dirt Quake USA started, Snow Quake is now a thing, Sydney Cafe Racers has got in the act with their own version of AFTERSHOCK and Ellaspede in Queensland hold events called Dust Hustle.

2 hours east of Perth, 80 or so bikes and a similar amount of nutters will put their bodies on the line, in the pursuit of shitty trophies....if we remember to bring them. They won't be riding dirt bikes to ride on the dirt because thats sensible and AFTERSHOCK is certainly not that. Road bikes with dirt tyres, chariots, postie bikes, ag bikes, motorised couches and crazy contraptions are what we're looking for.

(You can bring dirt bikes to ride as there is heaps of space and lots of free time but it isn't in the spirit of the event so we don't allow them in the badly organised "races").

There are 3 rules at AFTERSHOCK
1. If you are on the track, wear a helmet.
2. Ride in an anti clockwise direction
3. If there are keys in a bike and you can start it then you can ride it.

More information and booking details can be found here : https://aftershock.tidyhq.com/public/events/11966-aftershock-8-rise-of-the-machines